What we do varies by client, but at our core there is a universal underlying simplicity to our mission: We make the exchange and transition of practices as smooth and seamless as possible. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a practice, our job is to provide strategic and professional guidance to make both parties satisfied.

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Creating Your Practice Valuation

We closely analyze all aspects of your practice and provide a thorough evaluation. Our method for preparing a fair and accurate practice valuation includes a highly detailed look at the numbers pertaining to a practice, a close analysis of all aspects of the practice, a thorough evaluation of practice intangibles, and the application of industry standard formulas.

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Marketing Your Practice

Our team constantly grows our network of buyers across the nation by engaging with them via phone, email, digital advertising, social media and direct mail. We will market your practice to qualified buyers and also feature it on our website in the Practice Listings section.

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Negotiating the Deal

With over 50 years of combined practice transition experience, we act as facilitators and mediators to our clients in order to achieve equitable results. If you are selling your practice, our mission will always be to ensure that you receive a fair market value. If you are buying a practice, our mission will always be to set you up for success and get you the best deal possible.

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Acquiring Financing

Having successfully completed hundreds of practice transitions, and having all commercial lenders accept our appraisals, we can assist buyers in obtaining financing for the purchase of a practice or partnership interest. Our knowledge of loan applications enables us to guide buyers with preparing loan applications for the lending institution of their choice and providing required materials such as cash flow projections.

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Transition Coordination

During the transition phase, we work closely with the buyer and seller to develop a unique approach that outlines the steps needed to ensure a smooth and successful transition. The transition plan includes specific sections for the seller, buyer, patients and staff, as well as sample patient letters, announcements and other materials to aid you throughout the process.

Real Estate Experience

A critically important, but often overlooked aspect of buying, operating or selling a dental or optometry practice is the real estate transaction. Through our exclusive affiliation with Trusthill Real Estate Brokerage, we are able to deliver our clients over six decades of residential and commercial real estate experience. Trusthill Real Estate manages the entire real estate transaction from property search and real estate valuations to marketing, legal, site acquisition, buyer/seller negotiations and closings.

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