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Dental Practice #: CT2005

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Listing Status: Sold
Practice Type: General
Practice Selling Price: $250,476
Gross Revenue: $459,785
Net Income: $183,180
Years at Current Location: 29
Real Estate: Owned - For Sale
Hartford County, CT, USA, Connecticut, United States 0 mi

The practice is located in a desirable town in Hartford County.  The practice operates out of a 1,210 square foot condominium in a large office building. The doctor operates out of  three (3) operatories. In 2019 insurance payments accounted for approximately 57% of the Practice's gross revenue and patient payments accounted for approximately 43% of the Practice's gross revenues.

The practice refers out the following services: Periodontics, Endodontics, TMJ services, Orthodontics, and Oral Surgery.

The selling doctor owns the office space and intends to sell it along with the Practice.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kelly
Phone: 401-533-6262