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Optometry Practice #: CO1000

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Listing Status: Sold
Opportunity Type: Traditional Sale
Practice Type: General
Practice Selling Price: $850,000
Gross Revenue: $1,114,916
Net Income: $347,355
Years at Current Location: 25+
Square Footage of Office: 3,900
Real Estate: Owned - For Sale
Jefferson County, CO, USA, Colorado, United States 0 mi

This is a sensational opportunity for an optometrist interested in owning a practice near Denver. The practice is located in a beautiful free-standing office building in an upper-middle class suburb. The office resides in 3,900 square feet of space and has four (4) exam lanes. The practice comes equipped with state-of-the-art examination and diagnostic equipment, including:

-Zeiss Cirrus OCT 4000

-Zeiss Retinal Camera

-Topcon KR-8800 Autorefractor

-Nidek YC-1200 Ophthalmic Laser

Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kelly