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Optometry Practice #: CT1010

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Listing Status: Sold
Opportunity Type: Traditional Sale
Practice Type: General
Practice Selling Price: $765,000
Gross Revenue: $881,771
Net Income: $366,207
Years at Current Location: 33
Square Footage of Office: 2,000
Real Estate: For Sale
Hartford County, CT, USA, Connecticut, United States 0 mi

This is a State-of-the-art Practice in Hartford County. This Practice is ideal for an optometrist who can see 20-30 patients per day. The office layout is designed for efficiency. The Practice is located in an affluent community. Approximately sixty-seven (67%) percent of revenues generated are private patient payments. The Practice is very busy and is open more than 40 hours a week.

The profitability of this Practice is worth noting. Nationwide, the average optometry Practice will have a restated net income that is thirty (30%) percent of gross revenues. The restated net income of this Practice is forty-one (41%) percent of gross revenues.

Notable Equipment:

  • Two (2) Topcon 3D OCT Maestro OCT/Retinal Cameras
  • Topcon CV5000 Autophoropter
  • Two (2) Reichert ORA-3 Ocukar Response Analyzers
  • Haag Streit Octopus 600 Pro Visual Field Analyzer
  • Topcon VT10 Phoropter & Reichert Phoropter
  • Topcon ACP-8 Autoprojector
  • Topcon SLD2 and Marco Slit Lamp Biomicroscopes
  • Topcon DC3 Slit Lamp Imaging System
  • Heine and Zeiss Indirect Ophthalmoscopes
  • Two (2) Topcon CL200 Autolensometers
  • Two (2) Topcon Autokeratometer/Autorefractors
  • Zeiss GDX


The real estate is also available for purchase. The selling Doctor prefers to sell the real estate and Practice simultaneously.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kely