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Optometry Practice #: CT1013

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Listing Status: Sold
Opportunity Type: Traditional Sale
Practice Type: General
Practice Selling Price: $399,871
Gross Revenue: $655,554
Net Income: $246,564
Years at Current Location: 14
Square Footage of Office: 1,850
Real Estate: Leased
New Haven County, CT, USA, Connecticut, United States 0 mi

This practice represents a great opportunity for any local optometrist seeking ownership. The selling doctor has enjoyed fourteen (14) years of success at the current location. The selling doctor is willing to assist the new owner in the transition and work part-time if requested.

The Practice operates out of a 1,850 square foot office space with two (2) exam lanes. The practice stays up to date with technology and equipment. The Practice accepts most insurance plans, insurance payments account for approximately thirty-two percent (32%) of the practice revenues, and patient payments account for approximately sixty-eight percent (68%) of revenues.

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Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kelly