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Optometry Practice #: FL1000

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Listing Status: Sold
Opportunity Type: Traditional Sale
Practice Type: Optometric Practice
Practice Selling Price: $259,000
Gross Revenue: $330,175
Net Income: $104,780
Years at Current Location: 25
Square Footage of Office: 1,300
Real Estate: Leased
Margate, Florida, USA, Florida, United States 0 mi

Valuespecs is an optometric practice for sale in Margate, Fl.

This practice has the perfect location. The practice is less than an hour away from Miami, 18 minutes from the Pompano Beach Pier, and about 25 minutes from both Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton.

The current owner is looking to transition the business to an optometrist. In the current business model, the practice has a non-contracted optometrist come into the practice and conduct patient exams. The revenues seen below do not include the production generated from the optometrist. An optometrist who purchases this practice will grow production exponentially.

In the current business model the practice does not accept any insurances. The Valuespecs staff schedules all of the patient exams for the optometrist. The goodwill is with Valuespecs as the practicing optometrist has changed a few times over the years as a result of the doctor retiring.

Practice utilizes My Vision Express practice management software.

On average the optometrist conducts 600 patient exams per year and has 35-40 new patient encounters per month.

Notable Equipment:

  • Topcon KR-8800 Autorefractor (Purchased in 2020)
  • Topcon CT-80 NCT (Purchased in 2020)
  • Nikon NS-1 Slit Lamp (Purchased in 2014)
  • Reichert Phoroptor (Purchased in 2020)


Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kelly