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Optometry Practice #: NY1002

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Listing Status: Active
Opportunity Type: Traditional Sale
Practice Type: General
Gross Revenue: $259,369
Net Income: $156,492
Years at Current Location: 2
Square Footage of Office: 1,500
Real Estate: Leased
Manhattan, New York, NY, USA, New York, United States 0 mi

This Practice offers a unique opportunity for a New York City optometrist. Recently, the Doctor relocated their business to a brand new facility. The Practice has 2,300 active patients. The Practice acquires 15 new patients per month. In 2019, the Doctor saw 2,300 patients. The patient base is affluent, 82% of revenues generated are private patient payments.

The average gross revenue is $259,369 and the average restated net income is $156,492. This is an extremely profitable operation. The average optometry Practice has a restated net income of thirty (30%) percent. This Practice is far above average with a restated net income that is sixty (60%) percent of gross revenues. This revenues do not include optical sales. The Doctor does not sell contact lenses or frames.

Notable Equipment

  • Zeiss OCT
  • Daytona Plus Optomap
  • Macular Metrics - MPOD Densitometer
Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kelly