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Optometry Practice #: NY1004

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Listing Status: Active
Opportunity Type: Traditional Sale
Practice Type: General
Practice Selling Price: $350,000
Gross Revenue: $541,831
Net Income: $175,281
Years at Current Location: 15
Square Footage of Office: 2,500
Real Estate: Owned
Onondaga County, NY, USA, New York, United States 0 mi

This is a perfect opportunity for any optometrist who is interested in owning a practice. This practice has operated successfully for over forty (40) years. The selling doctor has enjoyed a long career of success as the owner and operator of the Practice. The practice has allowed them to enjoy a healthy work-life balance throughout their career. The practice is equipped with all the equipment and technology that a new owner would need to continue to enjoy the same success as the owner of the practice. They utilize Revolution EHR for practice management. The majority of the revenue generated at the practice is from private payments.

Active Patients: The Practice has 5,175 active patients and conducted 3,114 patient exams in 2021. The practice sees an average of fifteen (15) new patients per month.

Office Space: The office space is ideally located in its community. The doctor operates out of a 2,500 square foot office space, with two (2) exam lanes and two (2) testing rooms.

Real Estate: The real estate is owned by the selling doctor.

Reason for Selling:  The selling doctor is looking to sell the practice to prepare for retirement and spend more time with family. They are willing to assist the new owner in the transition of the practice and would be willing to work as an associate for a period agreed upon by both parties.



Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kelly