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Optometry Practice #: VT1000

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Listing Status: Active
Opportunity Type: Traditional Sale
Practice Type: General
Practice Selling Price: $225,000
Gross Revenue: $551,140
Net Income: $216,879
Years at Current Location: 45
Square Footage of Office: 2,100
Real Estate: Owned by Practice Owner
Washington County, VT, USA, Vermont, United States 0 mi


This practice offers the unique opportunity for an optometrist to live in a rural area and earn an above average salary. The practice is located minutes away from world-class mountain biking, hunting, fishing, and skiing. This practice is busier then most practices we work with in similar demographics. The doctor sees 20-25 patients a day and is booked out three (3) months in advance.

The ideal candidate is an entrepreneurial optometrist who wants to live in Vermont and is eager to own a business.

Contact Information
Contact Name: Luke Kelly