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As a practice owner, you have different exit strategies to consider. Our underlying mission is to help our clients realize the financial reward they deserve.
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Our team with over 50 years of combined experience, have sold thousands of dental practices nationwide. You will never incur a fee with Practice Exchange unless we sell your practice.

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Important Considerations when Selling your practice

If you are considering a sale within the next 10 years, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us. We can ensure that you will be up to date on the latest trends in the market.

Sell to a Dental Service Organization (DSO) OR Group Practice:

  • Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) are rapidly expanding across the country. These companies have evolved over the years and there are countless DSOs purchasing across the country. These companies all have different models and structures:
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  • Some of these companies operate in a partnership model. They don’t make any major changes to your practice, staff, or daily operations. They don’t rebrand your practice or change its name.
  • The buy-out structure differs from DSO to DSO. Some DSOs offer equity opportunities in their parent company to the selling doctor.
  • The post-sale employment requirements differ from firm to firm. This includes the selling doctor’s responsibilities and post-sale employment obligations.
  • Benefits of working with Practice Exchange for DSO Transitions:
    • Maximizing the value: We will introduce your practice to these companies and present multiple offers for you to explore. We will generate competition among potential buyers for your practice. Our experience working with these firms provides us the knowledge on the best ways to maximize the value. The entire process is confidential.
    • No Obligation to sell: At no point while working with Practice Exchange will you feel any pressure to sell your practice. In fact, most of our clients start the process in an exploratory state of mind. We find that it is beneficial for owners to go through the process and learn the value of their practice. You will never incur a fee with Practice Exchange unless we successfully sell your practice.
    • Experience Negotiating: Our team has the experience and expertise negotiating with these potential buyers on our client’s behalf. This includes negotiating the offer, the deal structure and employment terms.

Doctor to Doctor Sale

Practice Exchange brings over 50 years of combined experience to the industry with thousands of Dental practice transitions successfully completed. Our diversified group provides a full suite of Dental practice transition services including appraisals, brokerage and consulting services, and transition coordination services. We pride ourselves on the ability to put our clients’ needs first and offer professional expertise and guidance throughout the transition process. Read More
The entire transition process is confidential, and we will never contact you directly at the office. Contact us for a free preliminary practice evaluation. The fact is, selling or buying a practice is a life changing decision. That's why we believe both parties should see the results they want. As a seller of a practice, you are in control of the process and we work as your trusted advisor to help you negotiate and make decisions based on shared knowledge. Our results are positive for everyone involved.
  • Evaluating your practice
    • We closely analyze all aspects of your practice and provide a thorough evaluation.
  • Marketing your practice
    • Our team constantly grows our network of buyers across the nation by engaging with buyers on a daily basis.
  • Negotiating the deal
    • With over 50 years of combined practice transition experience, we act as facilitators and mediators to our clients in order to achieve equitable results. If you are selling your practice, our mission will always be to ensure that you receive a fair market value.
  • Acquiring Financing
    • Having successfully completed thousands of practice transitions, and having all commercial lenders accept our appraisals, we can assist buyers in obtaining financing for the purchase of a practice or partnership interest.
  • Transition Coordination
    • During the transition phase, we work closely with the buyer and seller to develop a unique approach that outlines the steps needed to ensure a smooth and successful transition. The transition plan includes specific sections for the seller, buyer, patients and staff, as well as sample patient letters, announcements and other materials to aid you throughout the process.
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