Selling Your Dental Practice

Practice Exchange brings over 50 years of combined experience to the industry with thousands of  Dental practice transitions successfully completed. Our diversified group provides a full suite of Dental practice transition services including appraisals, brokerage services, financing, consulting, and transition coordination services. We pride ourselves on the ability to put our clients’ needs first and offer professional expertise and guidance throughout the transition process. The entire transition process is confidential, and we will never contact you directly at the office.

What we do varies by client, but at our core there is a universal underlying simplicity to our mission: We make the exchange and transition of practices as smooth and seamless as possible. The fact is, deciding when to sell your practice is never an easy thing to do. Practice Exchange caters the transition to your exit plan, we will only present candidates for your practice who meet your criteria.

If you are preparing to sell in a few years, we recommend the following; First, take time to consider what your ideal exit plan would be. Secondly, have your practice evaluated so you know what the current fair market value is and have insight on the most effective ways to maximize the value of your practice when you do decide to sell. We offer practice owners a free preliminary practice evaluation which provides owners with a ball-park value at the current in the present market.

The first and most important step to selling your practice is creating a formal practice evaluation report.  Our method for preparing a fair and accurate practice valuation includes a highly detailed look at the numbers pertaining to a practice, a close analysis of all aspects of the practice, a thorough evaluation of practice intangibles, and the application of industry standard formulas.  You will have final approval and we will work closely with you throughout the process of writing the report. Our evaluations are accepted by all national lenders and we can secure qualified buyers with 100% bank financing.

To find a buyer, our Marketing Department immediately launches a massive marketing campaign to identify candidates in your area or looking to relocate to your area.  In order to ensure confidentiality throughout the entire process, all perspective buyers are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before learning any information that could be used to identify what specific practice is being sold. In many cases, because of our recent transitions near you, we will already be in contact with several doctors who are qualified buyers and actively looking to purchase. Marketing campaigns include Email Campaigns, Linkdin Advertisements, Facebook Advertisements, Direct Mail campaigns and Search Engine Advertisements.

Once an offer is accepted, the final step is to coordinate the transition in a smooth and seamless manner. During the transition phase, we work closely with the buyer and seller to develop a unique approach that outlines the steps needed to ensure a smooth and successful transition. With over 3,000 practice transitions successfully completed, our experience and expertise in closing is second to none. Please contact us for more information about the transition process.