"When I hired Practice Exchange the conditions for the sale of a practice were not optimal. My lease was expiring in a few months and the COVID-19 pandemic had taken hold. In fact, I told everyone that if the practice did not sell I would probably close the doors on my office, because continued work in a pandemic at my age was not recommended by my doctor.

Soon enough we had potential buyers and you doggedly worked through every issue that came up until we reached the goal line. Some of the things that I think your group does well is staying very much in contact with your client and also making sure that we were protected in the transaction. Basically we all worked together until we had an agreement that was good for all parties.

So I want to thank you for a great outcome and would be happy to tell any dentist selling their practice that they could not find a better group to represent them."


Dr. David Schwaber  - Hartford County Dental Practice