I decided to pursue selling my optometric practice when a nearby group called wanting to purchase and made an offer. There was an unsolicited letter on my desk from Practice Exchange that did not make the circular file, so when I had a no show patient I called them on a whim. The call was engaging and enjoyable so I decided to look into their program. The local group's accountants appraised my practice, however I was not impressed so I had Practice Exchange value it. Their comprehensive appraisal was 60% higher, a number eventually offered though Practice Exchange. Practice Exchange had in depth knowledge and understanding of optometric practices. Questions and details that needed attended to received immediate attention, with quick responses. Unexpectedly, Practice Exchange did much work for the buyers to facilitate the deal and obtain more favorable financing, ultimately benefiting me. Selling a practice is more daunting and complicated than you probably think. I found Practice Exchange to be very knowledgeable, professional, and personable during the sales process, resulting with me being very happy I chose them.


Dr. John Reimold, O.D.